The Presbyterian Church of Wales is one of the largest Christian denominations in Wales, with some 20,000 members and around 600 churches.

We do have a few redundant churches that are currently available for sale. The properties are usually offered freehold with certain restrictions upon future use and further information can be obtained from the appointed selling agent. To see our churches that are currently on the market please click here

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Parch Carwyn Arthur
Ceredigion a Gogledd Penfro
10:00 neu/or 2:00 (Cymraeg/Welsh)
Contact Number:
John Meredith (01974 251474)

Part of Reverend Carwyn Arthur’s pastorate, Peniel’s congregation worships every Sunday.

Yr Hendre, former home of Reverend Phylip Pugh, gan be seen from the chapel courtyard. He was once the joint minister and leader of Cilgwyn Circuit, before the Welsh denominations were formed. He was also the mentor of the young Daniel Rowland and his advisor on preaching content and style. It is also said that he licensed Yr Hendre farm buildings as a place of worship and, indeed, some believe that they resemble a place of worship. There was a pulpit in the farmhouse until half a century ago.

Out of the work of Pugh and his co-ministers and the Cilgwyn Circuit (5 sites with at least two at any given time) grew capel Penial. The church split in the early twentieth century, leading to the establishment of Blaenafon church. The churches were reunited in 2007, a century later.

One of Phylip Pugh’s hymns is featured in ‘Caneuon Ffydd’ (number 638). A leaflet on the Cilgwyn Circuit is available in Penial and Llwynpiod or from the minister, Reverend carwyn Arthur. The Cilgwyn Circuit is an enjoyable day trip or pilgrimage!