The Presbyterian Church of Wales is one of the largest Christian denominations in Wales, with some 20,000 members and around 600 churches.

We do have a few redundant churches that are currently available for sale. The properties are usually offered freehold with certain restrictions upon future use and further information can be obtained from the appointed selling agent. To see our churches that are currently on the market please click here

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Gorllewin Gwynedd
Contact Number:
01654 711 287 / 01654 711 797

Peniel Newydd is the only chapel in Llanegryn. The chapel’s forefathers built three buildings: the chapel, chapel house and vestry – but by the start of the new millennium, the three were in a state of disrepair. The old chapel and chapel house were sold and the vestry adapted into a homely, modern and comfortable place of worship. Peniel Newydd was opened with a Thanksigiving service on 11 Novemeber 2007. The dream had come true.


Photos by the late Mr Carrol Hughes, Llanegryn.