The Baptism Service

Baptism is the first step on an amazing journey with God, parents, friends, family, and the church. This is the start of a life long journey of discovery about love, faith and hope – a special time for celebration.

You can ask the minister, deacon, or others in your local chapel about having your child baptised. The minister will discuss with you what baptism might mean to you and your family.


What happens at a Baptism?

Your child will be baptised with water. Other important things will also happen during the service:

  • The minister will make the sign of the cross on your child’s forehead with water. This is an important moment and a sign to remind us of God’s salvation. It acknowledges that your child has become a part of the church of Jesus Christ. This is your child’s baptism.

  • You will make important promises on behalf of your child.

  • The minister will pray for your child bringing him/her by name, before God.

  • The minister will pray for you as parents, and for everyone who will support your child on their path of faith.

  • All those present make a promise to support your child and you as parents, as you bring up your child

Preparing for the service

The minister will invite you to come to chapel beforehand, so you can meet some of the church family and familiarise yourself with the place.

The Day of the Baptism

The baptism will usually take place on a mutually convenient day as part of a Sunday service, with the church family present. This is a very special day!

You may want to invite family and friends to the service, and the church family will also be present, to join with you and your guests in prayer and support for the amazing journey which is before you.

Your child is very precious to you, and precious to God. You want what’s best for your child, and God does too.

Giving thanks to God for the miracle of your child, and asking for His wisdom and help for you as a parent is at the heart of baptism. You are expressing your hopes for your child, and presenting him/her to be nurtured within the worldwide church.

Baptism is just the beginning, the start of a very special journey…

After the service

You and your family are invited to come to chapel any time. The chapel will keep in contact with you if you are happy for them to do that. If you move house, there will be another chapel in your new area – the church is always there for you.

Some services will be especially appropriate for families and children – a family service, Harvest Thanksgiving or Christmas. Ask your minister which would be most suitable for you and your family to attend.

Remember also about children’s activities in your church – midweek clubs and Sunday School. Here, your child can enjoy learning about faith in a fun, supportive environment, whilst getting to know the local church family.