As you now know, the Church adopted the Golud Programme at our Assembly last year. The Plan is being promoted by the Women’s Subcommittee, with the aim of ensuring that faith is treasured when responding to Dementia. 

Dementia is a growing health problem in Wales and you may well be having direct experience with a family member, neighbour or a member at your congregation. 

It is also very likely that we will meet people living with dementia and their carers during the course of our work. So it makes sense to be as knowledgeable as possible so that we can minister sensitively and intelligently. 

The Dementia Friends session run by the Alzheimer’s Society is an excellent introduction to dementia and we know you will find it useful and informative. 

As part of the aim of the Scheme, we want to ensure that you all have a level of Dementia awareness to become aDementia Friend. We therefore invite you to attend the session for Ministers on Tuesday, 5th July,  10-11.00 am. 

See below the link to the meeting. 

Appreciate if you are able to send confirmation of your attendance before-hand to me.

Thank you for your support with Golud.

Kind regards

Samantha Hodgins


Golud Programme Co-ordinator

Dementia Friends

Meeting ID: 858 6015 6200

Passcode: 504188