A prayer for Easter from CYNNAL, the counselling service available throughout Wales for clergy, ministers of religion, Christian workers, and their families.

Click here to download the PDF version of the Prayer for Easter



CYNNAL deals with all manner of problems and takes a holistic approach that addresses the interaction of mind, body, and soul. The service recognises the spiritual dimension of life and if appropriate, offers signposting for further spiritual guidance. In my role as specialist counselling consultant to CYNNAL, I have been able to expand the service to North, East and West Wales and to ensure that CYNNAL now has a truly national reach. Please get in touch if you’re suffering in any way; your confidentiality is assured.

The Reverend Denzil Ieuan John, a retired minister with the Baptist Union of Wales and Chair of the Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs, has prepared this year’s Easter Prayer. We thank him for his kindness.

We wish you all a happy Easter full of joy and amazement despite every uncertainty and every fear.

Wynford Ellis Owen

(Ymgynghorydd Cwnsela Arbenigol i Cynnal / Specialist Counselling Consultant to Cynnal)