Dear Friends,

Re: Changes in the way that Marriages are registered

We have understood in recent days that there is a significant change in the way marriages are to be registered. This change came into effect on 3rd May 2021. As we have not received official information, I am indebted to the Moderator of the Assembly for investigating this matter.
As you can see from the enclosed information sheet, the process of recording marriages in a church register will no longer be followed, but will be ‘registered’ by the Minister, or the person leading the service by signing the Marriage Schedule which will be issued by the Registrar. The information is set out briefly in the leaflet, but we invite you to contact the Registrar in your County if you have questions about the process. This of course is going to affect any ‘authorized person’ you have chosen in your church, as this role will no longer exist. Furthermore, we are still waiting to hear what needs to be done with the two Marriage Registers in your church. We hope to share this information with you when the information becomes available. If, in the meantime, you have heard from the Registrar, and have information to share with the rest of the churches, please let us know.

Please click here to download: Information Leaflet Registering a Wedding

Marcus Robinson – Moderator
Meirion Morris – General Secretary