Presbyterian Church of Wales

News 05 07 24

Church Leader Congratulates the New Prime Minister

Reverend Nan Powell Davies, General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales has congratulated Sir Keir Starmer, the new prime minister of the United Kingdom.

‘We congratulate the new prime minister and the new government he will form. We are very pleased to hear him talk about his desire to serve the public, whether they voted for him or not. We would like to ensure our prayers for him and his government as he seeks the general good of our society.

Here in Wales, we will draw his attention in particular to the many social challenges that face us. We are very concerned at the moment about the situation facing Port Talbot with the likely closure of the Tata Steel Works. Our part and contribution is big in the town’s Food Bank and Clothing Bank and we have seen a big increase in the number of people who need help. If the steel works go, we fear for the welfare of a large community. We would urge him to meet Tata immediately and secure a fairer future for the town. Tata has benefited greatly from government funds and a more ethical approach needs to be shown in the way they conduct business’.


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