The ministry of our Centres has been a key aspect in supporting and promoting our ministry and mission over the years. During that time, both Centres have evolved in terms of that ministry. We thank God for these special places, for the special people who have been leading, and above all, for the transformative blessings that have flowed through to us through their ministry. Following a review by the Ministries Department, we have agreed to see our ministry continuing to respond to change within the Presbyterian Church of Wales and the changes around us.

In response to that change, we will ensure the continued ownership of the Trefeca site, a site of historic significance to the Denomination as it is to Wales and beyond. We will do this by identifying groups / partners who will be responsible for the day-to-day work and ministry of the Centre. Although the level of our financial investment as a denomination will cease over the next year, we will work with others to ensure that this special place, as a geographical location and its rich heritage, continues to serve as a living memory of our past, and as a site that continues to bring life, and continues to be a place of rest, retreat, discussion and learning for the present time as we look forward to the future.

We will continue to fund the essential work that is taking place at Coleg y Bala over the next three years, a work which has known such a blessing. During the period, while safeguarding the level of our financial investment in our ministry to children, young people and younger adults, we will look to secure our desire to provide an opportunity for these groups to come together, in other centres in Wales. We will start discussions to see what other partners would have an interest in the site in the long term, and work towards ending our annual financial investment in the Centre at the end of 2024