Tudweiliog Chapel have followed the lead of Pwllheli Pastorate!

Why don’t you place a banner outside your chapel?

Why this particular design?

  • Convey the Lord’s love not His judgement. We hope that after the lockdown, people will see the grace shown to their community by the chapel.
  • Colours of the rainbow – show solidarity with the NHS.
  • Win back the rainbow!

The chapel Facebook address is also on the banner.

We bought ours from

Price: e.g. one 8’ x 2’ banner with reinforced hem for £54 + VAT + postage BUT you can buy three banners (using the same template) for £60 + VAT + postage!

I can supply you with the template. It is very important that you visit the site where you intend to place the banner, in order to get exact measurements required!

Phone or e-mail me for more information.