The Sanctuary

2020 has been a bit of a mixed bag hasn’t it? Months of lockdown and social distancing; only seeing our neighbours on a Thursday evening when we emerged to pay homage to the fantastic NHS workers, and not being able to see our church family. However, on the flip side, many of us have found that our IT skills have improved. Technology that once intimidated us, is now a big part of our lives, whether it be using Zoom for the first time or finding a church service on Facebook live or YouTube.

Our buildings may have been closed by the pandemic, but the church is not. Jesus told his disciples to go into all creation to spread the good news. Online services may not be the way we had envisioned the great commission, but the Lord provided a way.

Research conducted by Tearfund during lockdown, shows that one in five non churched UK adults tuned in to an online church service, while Eden, one of the UK’s largest online Christian bookstores, say that Bible sales increased by 55% in one month during lockdown.

Why do we think that is? Think about it. The biggest barrier to many people attending a physical church for the first time is the first step over the threshold. People worry about fitting in, being judged, behaving correctly, dressing correctly, but with online services, none of this is an issue. You can watch at your leisure, pause and even rewind the service without worry.

The Sanctuary is a new initiative from the South East Wales Presbytery. Months of prayer, planning and preparation will culminate in a new live online programme starting on Sunday, October 4th at 4pm. Live streaming on Facebook from a studio in Pontypridd, the Sanctuary aims to be an innovate way to connect with each other, God and the Bible. A safe place, where all are welcome to worship and learn about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Sanctuary will be a new online community made up of all different kinds of people. People with one thing in common. Jesus. Whether you are a new Christian, an experienced Christian or maybe not even a Christian at all yet, The Sanctuary will have something for you. Why not check it out?

The Sanctuary can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Just search for The Sanctuary – Wales or follow one of the links below.