Covid 19 appeal for Gordon Roberts Hospital in Shillong, and the Norman Tunnel Hospital in Jowai

The effects of Covid 19 in North East India and especially in Meghalaya is increasing daily. This is our opportunity as a church to respond to this situation.

Our Goal is to raise £30,000.

Both hospitals are overcrowded with patients, and they are now considering how best to secure more space, and organising staff, who have been under pressure for some time, to be able to give more of their time. There is also a shortage of medical oxygen and ventilators, and it is difficult to treat the numbers of patients without the necessary medical resources. PCW have decided to instigate a financial appeal to raise £30,000 to meet the immediate need. Our intention is to purchase Oxygen Concentrator machines for the H. Gordon Roberts Hospital Rural Clinics, while at the same time creating a facility to locate the main machine at the hospital in Shillong. We also plan to purchase ventilators for the Norman Tunnel Hospital. We are aware that the social and economic need will also intensify in the state of Meghalaya like many other states in India over the coming months and years. It is our privilege as a Church at this stage to stand with our Sisters and Brothers and to respond to the needs that they face today.

Thank you for your support.