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Notice of adjournment of the 2020 General Assembly

Following a recommendation by the Assembly Board Officers, the Emergency Committee of the three Provinces of the Association has approved:

  1. That the 2020 meeting in Caernarfon be adjourned until 2021. We will use the same venue.
  2. We will extend the term of the current Moderator to 2021, and invite the Davies Lecture Board and officials of the Historical Society Committee to similarly postpone their lectures.
  3. We will aim to hold an additional meeting of the General Assembly in the Autumn of this year, if circumstances permit in order to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission, and to discuss any recommendations of the Board with regard to the Ministry and Mission Contribution for 2021, remuneration and salaries for 2021, grant level 2021, and any urgent recommendations from the Ministries Department in relation to the employment / subsistence of ministry workers.