Presbyterian Church of Wales

1 March 2024

On St David’s Day this year, the General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales is urging the government to listen to the cries of the farmers and residents of Wales.

The Welsh Government has announced its new farm subsidy schemes, including a major overhaul of farm subsidies in Wales known as the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS). The proposals would require farmers to commit 10% of agricultural land to be used for trees and 10% for wildlife habitats.

  Farmers and community leaders are protesting against these measures, fearing that they will have a devastating effect on farmers and the rural economy in Wales. Thousands of farmers took part in a protest march in Cardiff Bay this week, with the intention of ensuring that their voices are heard.

  Reverend Nan Powell Davies, General Secretary of the Presbyterian church of Wales, said: ‘The rural strongholds of Wales are the cradle of our national life. These are the places where the Welsh language has been spoken and honoured; where communities have gathered in prayer and praise across centuries. Our farmers and their families help feed the nation. We need to care for them and listen to their cries. Although we support the need to protect the environment, it does not need to be at the expense of farmers and those who live in rural Wales.

During Lent, we are reminded of John the Baptist who prepared the way for Jesus. It is said to be ‘a voice crying in the wilderness.’ The ordinary people of Wales are crying in rural areas of the nation and we urge the Welsh Government to hear their voice.’ 


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