This year, Scripture Union have a few different resources that can be used during the festive season.

In Search of Christmas.

This is our main Christmas resource and we’re really excited to be sharing this with people. ‘In Search of Christmas’ is a set of 5 QR code videos that can be set up by a church as a trail around the local community, in your church (government guideline permitting) or in your local school. The first video is an introduction to the resource, explaining to the participants that they need to go and hunt for other QR codes and watch the videos. In each video there is a clue. Each letter clue together spell the word God. This word is required to unlock the final video, where it will lead them to an explanation of what Christmas is really all about.

Along with the videos there is a free downloadable PDF, with ideas of how to set it up, to promote it and how you might use it in different contexts.

This will be available in Welsh too.

God Became Like Me / Ac Fe Ddaeth Duw fel fi

This is our Christmas booklet, sharing the story o Christmas through a rhyming story book.

‘God became like me? Like a human being? Are you sure? Yes! But why?

Did you know that Christmas is all about celebrating that God became like us on that very first Christmas thousands of years ago? To find out what happened and why, turn to the beginning!’

Leaving Lockdown Resources.

Throughout the lockdown period, we have produced and made video content for children and young people that can be used by churches or clubs on a regular basis

We have been creating seasonal content, so keep an eye out for some content on our youtube channel for Advent and Christmas videos.