Christian Aid is a charity that exists to further the Kingdom of God through working practically to eradicate poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries and through campaigning against the systems and powers that have created that poverty in the first place.

The Christmas Appeal this year has Ethiopia as its focus country and tells the story of Kawite whose life has been transformed by the building of a pool near her village. Climate change has affected the rainfall in the region and like other women, Kawite used to walk for five hours each morning to fetch water home. Now that the community has built the pool with the help of Christian Aid’s partner, Kawite’s life is very different.

Climate change affects most, the lives of those who have done the least to create it – the poorest in our world. By supporting this year’s appeal, you will help other communities as they struggle with those effects.

There are a range of resources available to help you and your church celebrate Christmas and have Christian Aid as a charitable focus. From an Advent prayer guide, to a downloadable video sermon, and a carol for Advent – there is a wealth of material available on the website in both English and Welsh.