Dear friends,

I attach to this message the latest Welsh Government guidance on worship in our churches. As you probably understand, the biggest change is about permission to sing in the audience, whether indoors or outdoors. Having said this, it is important to update your Risk Assessment, paying particular attention to the guidelines regarding the level of singing, proximity to other singers etc. We are grateful for this new freedom, but emphasize again our responsibility to do what we can to protect others from the spread of this virus. Furthermore, as these new guidelines are ideal for practice in areas where the virus presence rate in the community is less than 50 per 100,000 people, you should consider limiting this freedom if the figures are larger in your ye area. You can find the current level of infecting the population by visiting the Public Health Wales site – (By clicking on ‘Cases by MSOA’ and then selecting ‘7 day rolling average) We are aware that this means adapting to changing circumstances, but also being aware of our responsibilities to others.

Please find below a link to the Welsh Government’s latest guidelines:

In the bonds of the Gospel,

Marcus Robinson
Moderator of the General Assembly

Meirion Morris
General Secretary