Live Streaming

Going through the COVID period has required Churches and Workers to upskill their online technical abilities and live stream, or pre record and upload their Church services onto the internet.

To share in the knowledge gained, we have created three short videos to show how this has been done, and with what equipment, which are all listed below in the Kit List section, with links if you wish to purchase them.

Kit List

Please find below equipment mentioned in the Church Streaming Guide videos. None of the equipment is sponsored by the PCW, these are mentioned only as they happened to be the equipment we have used and are here as examples only, there is a vast amount of alternative variations in equipment and means to stream.

Tp link Wireless 4g Internet Router –


Vodafone Unlimited Super Max 4g Sim £30 p.m

Mobile phone tripod £16.99

USB Microphones

Low – £25 –

Mid – £54 –

High – £150 –

Wireless Microphones

Rode Wireless Go – £160 –

Copy Item – £110 –


£29 –

£89 –

Camcorder Set-Up

Canon Legria r806 (Clean HDMI output) £200-260 –

Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter –

10m HDMI cable (do not exceed 10m through hdmi, contact us if you need to know how to run a longer connection)

Tripod £54 –

Capture Card £17 –  

Streaming software – free

Paid alternative for greater options/control:- – monthly subscription – for MAC computers, monthly subscription

Downloadable content for steaming software

Sound Equipment

Pro Sonus Sound Interface –

Jack to mini jack 3.5 –

USB Sound Card –

Not mentioned in the videos.

If you have grown a system that would require more than one HDMI port into the live stream, such as several cameras, or some cameras and a separate pc for powerpoint/easyworship, the simplest device for this we have found is the Atem Mini/Mini Pro.

If you find yourself getting lost in OBS whilst concentrating on the content you are presenting, you can purchase a small pre pre-programmable device which will enable you to create custom shortcuts for ease of use.


Please contact Hedd Morgan 0781596049, or Steffan Morris for any assistance or advice.