Office Staff

On this page you’ll find information about members of staff and their areas of work. To get in touch with any member of staff, please contact the Central Office and the relevant person will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

Revd General Secretary
Meirion Morris -  

Revd Meirion Morris became General Secretary in September 2012. He is responsible for implementing the General Assembly’s decisions and providing guidance and pastoral support to churches. He regularly works alongside other Christian leaders and represents the Presbyterian Church of Wales locally, nationally and internationally.

Head of Strategic Support (part time)
Ffion Williams - 

Contact her about the constitution

Head of Strategic Support (part time)
Joanna Thomas-Wright - 

My responsibility is to ensure that the Boards, Departments and Committees are run effectively.

Head of Finance
Andy Britton - 

Contact him about investments, pensions and strategy funds.

Head of Property
Neil Poulton - 

Contact him about insurance, health and safety, sales and general property enquiries.

Head of Human Resources & Legal Support
Shanta Rupalia - 

Contact her about employment matters and legal documents relating to properties.

Church and Society Liaison Officer (part time)
Carys Moseley - 

Please contact her with matters regarding the Church and Society Department.

Head of Administration
Eleri Melhuish - 

Contact her about General Assembly, Yearbook and enquiries regarding the General Secretary.

Assistant Director of Ministries
Revd Nan Powell-Davies - 

Ministries Administrator
Hedd Morgan - 

Contact him about any matters concerning the Ministeries Department.

Translator (part time)
Aled Job - 

Responsible for translating Connexional documents.

Translator (part time)
Robin Williams - 

Responsible for translating Connexional documents.

Receptionist (part time) 

 Contact her about general enquries, connexional meetings and General Assembly arrangements.

Administrative / Publications Assistant (part time)
Alice Williams - 

Contact her about the Connexion's website and Rent Smart Wales enquiries.

Administrative Assistant (part time)
Nerys Williams -  


Finance/Payroll Administrator (part time)
Jess Palmer - 

Contact her about annual leave, sick leave, payslips and tax.

Finance/IT Administrator (part time) 
Owain Hughes - 

Contact him about connexional contributions and statistics.

Finance Administrator (part time) 
Isamba Thomas -   

Contact her about expenses, invoices and general finance enquiries.

Head of Communication and Projects
Revd Gwyn Rhydderch -