Our Youth & Children’s Service is committed to accurately and creatively teaching our children, young people and families the content and relevance of the Bible. They are encouraged to adapt its teaching to their own lives in order to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and good citizens. We encourage them to consider their relationship with Jesus and to discover their God-given talents. We also ask them to examine their role within the local church. We hope to nurture and train new leaders for modern Wales!

Our Youth & Children’s Service aims to support leaders of children, young people and families on the ground by listening, encouraging and reassuring, training, preparing and advising on resources that are suitable for their work. 


Y Gwasanaeth Plant a Ieuenctid / Children and Youth Service from EBCPCW on Vimeo.


Children’s Work

Mid week after school or late afternoon children’s Christian clubs are popular in many areas of Wales. We can help the local church to establish and run such Clubs and offer advice to Sunday School teachers.

Youth Work

Continuity is important in children and youth work! Children should be offered a club to attend after they are too old for the children’s club.  We can advise the local church on how to establish and run Christian Youth Clubs.


Older Youth Work

We work among older youth by gathering, training and encouraging individuals to serve in modern-day Wales through their local churches. This is achieved through Souled Out.

Family Work

Building relationships with families should be one of the main visions of a local church. We can help the local church to work with families in their area.

Schools Work

We can help the local church to establish a relationship with the local school. Our schools workers:

can help you establish Open the Book teams
can discuss with you how members of your church can be hands on in your local school.

Coleg y Bala

Coleg y Bala 

The Youth & Children’s Service Centre holds courses for children, young people and families.

Gap year students

We offer opportunities for two young people to spend a year at Coleg y Bala. The GAP YEAR is a practical course in nurturing disciples which runs for one year (September-August) based at Coleg y Bala, the Children and Youth Centre of the Presbyterian Church of Wales.

The aims of the GAP YEAR are:

to encourage personal and spiritual development
to strive to an increasingly Christ-like character
to help each student to recognise his or her talents and potential
to develop effective leadership, communication and team-building skills
to help and enable each student to comprehend his or her future contribution to the Church


We prepare and offer advice on suitable resources


Appropriate training is offered on a range of subjects covering work with children, young people and families.

Area Workers

We offer advice on employing children’s workers, youth workers and family workers locally. Over the years we have helped many an area to establish inter-denominational trusts.

For more information please contact:

The Children & Youth Service
Y Coleg
Y Bala
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01678 520565