The Women’s Sub-Committee is a very active department within the Presbyterian Church of Wales.

Many of the women are industrious workers within their churches, districts and Presbyteries, and contribute in several ways to the life of the Church.

Our aim: is to be effective and relevant witnesses to Jesus Christ in the Womens’ context. Through leadership and encouraging them to grow in their faith and to witness and serve locally and to reach out globally.

Officers 2021-22

Christine Hodgins, Mancot – President
Sarah Morris, Llandysul – Secretary and the Dorcas Program Coordinator in the South
Carys Davies, Llangefni – The Dorcas Program Coordinator in the North
Revd Nan Powell Davies, Mold – General Secretary
Eirian Roberts, Bala – Women’s Work Organizer


We rejoice in God our Heavenly Father,
who created us and called
us through his grace.

We enter into a living relationship
with our heavenly Father
through the life, death
and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We confess Jesus Christ as our Lord
and Saviour and worship and serve
Him with joy.

We believe that our Father calls us
to live out the Good News of his love
today, and, empowered by the
Holy Spirit, we offer our lives
in service to the world.

We celebrate our membership of
Christ’s Church by venturing forward
in faith with Him at our side.

The Sub-Committee is divided in four – North and South Wales – for the Welsh Speakers and then the Association in the East (North and South) – for the English.

During the year, the members and representatives of the four associations shall meet on committees and receive blessings on Retreats. Many of the Women will meet locally within their presbyteries.

Women’s Sub-Committee Officers

The Mission Bulletin

The Mission Bulletin is a valuable resource for the Women to receive regular news and share information. It is prepared by Eirian Roberts, the Women’s Work Organizer at the Women’s office in Bala.