Supporting Mission Home and Abroad

One very important feature of our work is to raise money for the Women’s Special Collection which makes it possible for the sub-committee to contribute bountifully to the work of the Ministries Department and projects at home and abroad.

Supporting Mission Work at Home

‘Contact Worker’ Christian Union
Several opportunities present themselves to support mission work at home. Elin Bryn Williams is a young woman from Pwllheli. Elin is spending ten months as a volunteer with Bangor University as a Link Worker with the Christian Union. In her newsletter for the first 5 months, she shares the opportunities she has received in serving the union. Not only to share the gospel directly with students but also to feed her own soul. She has travelled to London for the Arts Elective conference; spending time at Bryn y Groes, Y Bala; a Retreat with Bangor CU and hearing God’s Word during training at Ledbury and spending more time at Ledbury to help with a conference called “Biblical Evangelicalism”. She also had the privilege of helping with the Welsh Medium CU at Aberystwyth and a week of CU activities at Cardiff, “The Cardiff Story”

Bangor Cathedral was full of students for the carol service to hear why the son of God came as a baby in a crib. In the middle of the Christmas activity, Elin was inspired to write a spoken word named “Who is Coming”. In the midst of the frenetic Christmas period, it is a fact that the “Creator of stars left his place to bring us back to God in heaven”.

Elin presented this work at Bangor and local churches.

Supporting Mission Work Abroad

As well as supporting Church workers locally in Wales, overseas projects such as HIV/AIDS projects in Africa, Malawi and Zambia are also supported.

During 2016-17 a gift was given to the following projects:

1) Elemental Care Health Team in Tebellong hospital towards HIV/TB work in Lesotho.

Here is a short report by Dr Graham Thomas

The gift of three thousand pounds by the women was distributed between our three long term partners. I have received a few pictures and reports during the past 6 months. I shall try to realise and develop the work and evidence when i visit Lesotho in April this year.

A thousand five hundred went towards the local Church “Ha Mapote Full Gospel Church” for their agricultural projects with orphan children. The church is building a centre for the community, a home for their work since the previous church was destroyed in a great snowfall 5 years ago. The building is being built on land bought last year to grow food and help towards the needs of local families of children without parents. The money has helped with the costs of building, buying seeds, equipment and the occasional event for the children, e.g. Christmas party.

A thousand went towards Tebellong Hospital’s mountain health team. They travel on horseback around remote clinics each month. The give health education and hold HIV tests. The money has bought clothes and appropriate equipment and has paid for a TB nurse joining the team.

Five hundred went towards the hospice’s work where 2 Christian village health workers are sponsored to visit disabled people, the elderly and the infirm in their homes. They want to start a small business bottling water from the fountain. This is a way for the hospice to become self-sustaining in time. I shall consult further with them when we meet.

2) Cornerstone Uganda

A registered charity trying to help young people in Uganda. Depending on the young people’s situations, they can offer accommodation, education, life skills and training. For more information go to their website or  send an email.

Sara and Nancy, founders of Cornerstone believe that God is calling them to support mothers who are struggling to provide for their families. One example is Rittah, who has supported herself and her son Michael alone after fleeing an abusive marriage. They intend to arrange training and materials for women to secure an income, be self-sufficient and so ensure their children receive an education.

3) Reaching Romania

Over the last two years the women have supported these 2 charities through prayer and with financial grants.

Reaching Romania from EBCPCW on Vimeo.

HIV Lesotho (S) from EBCPCW on Vimeo.

A registered charity working in the city of Arad and the surrounding area. They offer physical, emotional, financial, and most importantly, spiritual support to those in desperate need. For more information, go to their website here.

This year, Reaching Romania is asking us to support their WIDOW’S MITE project. As the name suggests this project provides essential help for Widows – food, fuel, medicine, regular visits. They are helping 29 widows who have no family support, are unable to live on their meagre pensions (£60 a month) and have exceptional circumstances.