In this section you will find resources for running and maintaining your church’s property.

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We do have a few redundant churches that are currently available for sale. The properties are usually offered freehold with certain restrictions upon future use and further information can be obtained from the appointed selling agent. To see our churches that are currently on the market please click here

Rent Smart

What you need to do:

If you carry out any of the following landlord duties in Wales then you will need to make sure that your properties are registered. The only exemptions are whether rent is LESS THAN £250 p/annum or if an employed minister is living in the property. All Chapel Houses, Church owned Flat’s / Houses etc NEED to be registered.


  • arranging or conducting viewings with prospective tenants;
  • gathering evidence for the purpose of establishing the suitability of prospective tenants (for example, by confirming character references, undertaking credit checks or interviewing a prospective tenant);
  • preparing, or arranging the preparation, of a tenancy agreement;
  • preparing, or arranging the preparation, of an inventory for the dwelling or schedule of condition for the dwelling
  • collecting rent;
  • being the principal point of contact for the tenant in relation to matters arising under the tenancy;
  • making arrangements with a person to carry out repairs or maintenance;
  • making arrangements with a tenant or occupier of the dwelling to secure access to the dwelling for any purpose;
  • checking the contents or condition of the dwelling, or arranging for them to be checked as part of a current  tenancy or for one which has ended;
  • serving notice to terminate a tenancy.

You can do this by filling out this registration form and return to Neil at the Central Office, Cardiff. You may also need to complete a training course, you can do this online or in a classroom setting. Please contact the Central Office to arrange the relevant training course for you.

Please note: If you have chosen to instruct an Estate Agent to manage the property for you, you still need to fill out the registration form and return to the Central Office.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Neil. More information can also be found on the Rent Smart Wales wesbite here.

Rent Smart Documents