Considering the Ministry?


The PCW encourages men and women like you – those with the commitment and talents necessary – to consider whether God is calling you to become a leader in his Church.

What is the ministry?

Through ordination, a minister is set apart by the Church, to preach the Word and to administer the Sacraments; for the pastoral care of members and to teach them in the Christian Faith; and to lead the Church in its mission and humanitarian work.

Who is suitable for the ministry?

God calls men and women, young people and older, experienced people to the ministry. Each one has different talents to bring to the role. Some will go into full-time ministry, others part-time, or volunteer ministry.

What is my calling?

Each one of us is called by God to work for His Kingdom. For most of us, this will mean being active in our local church. But some are called as leaders within the church, and this could mean being ordained into the ministry.

Where do I start?

You may feel that God is calling you to consider the ministry. There are things you can do to further test your calling. Your journey into ministry may be a gradual process over some time.

Prayer is a good starting point, being still in God’s presence to consider your future. God is keen to hear what is in your heart. It’s a good idea to speak with people of faith who’s opinion you value – your minister, fellow-Christians, friends and family. Do they sense God’s calling on your life?

Do I have the necessary skills for the ministry?

Whilst everyone offers something different to the church, there are skills that every minister needs:

– the ability to deal with the Bible, God’s Word, and communicate its message to today’s congregation
– the ability to nurture constructive relationships with a wide variety of people, building them up in their Christian life
– the ability to be alongside people during times of great joy and sadness
– the ability to lead the church in mission, reaching out to the local community
– the ability to work with others to build the life of the church, and to deal wisely with those with differing opinions

Characteristics of a suitable person for the ministry

The person suited to the ministry will

– have a deep experience of the truth of the Gospel, building their personal spiritual life through prayer and meditation on God’s Word
– have the ability to study, and to continue learning in their role
– have a firm calling to the ministry, and the endurance to persevere in difficult circumstances
– be a person of good character, and possess the personality, gifts and attitudes suitable for the ministry
– work to benefit the church, the body of Christ, in every way possible.

You also need to

Have been a member of PCW since at least 2 years. Have the approval of your Presbytery as a suitable person for the ministry; and satisfactory medical and DBS checks

What next?

Get involved in the activities and worship of your local church over a period of time. This will give the church the opportunity to consider your suitability for the work. When you feel ready, you can move ahead with your application through the local Presbytery. This will mean gaining the support of your local church and Presbytery.

Work experience

The Mission Programme has a scheme whereby you can work alongside a minister for 6 or 12 months before applying as a candidate for ministry. This helps you see if the work is suitable for you, and for others to see if you are suited for the work.

Training and finance

Once accepted as a candidate for the ministry with the PCW, an individual training programme will be created for you. For a young person, this could mean going to university. For mature students, or those with dependents, it could mean studying in the community whilst continuing in paid employment. Costs and allowances are paid according to each individual situation.

Candidates’ and Training Department

Having completed the required training, and satisfied the Candidates’ Department that you are suitable for the role, you will  be in a position to be called as a minister to a pastorate and to be ordained for the work.

Useful contacts

The training staff may be contacted at any time:


Training Co-ordinator:
Rhys Jones

Academic Director:
Rev. W. Bryn Williams