Policy and Procedures

In 2014 we updated our policies and procedures to include vulnerable adults and in response to changes in legislation regarding vulnerable groups and criminal record checks. The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Handbook forms the adopted policy and procedures of the Presbyterian Church of Wales in relation to children and vulnerable adults. The handbook takes you step by step through:

  • Our Statement of Purpose (Section1)
  • Safer recruitment procedures (including DBS checks)(Section 2)
  • Working with Children and Young People (Section 3.1) and how to respond to concerns (Section 3.2)
  • Working with Vulnerable Adults (Section 4.1) and how to respond to concerns (Section 4.2)
  • Pastoral Care (Section 5)
  • Forms and information to help you to put the policies into practice in (Sections 6&7)

The procedures and guidelines included in this document should be freely available to all workers, leaders and members within the church.