Training Resources

There are six training sessions available from PCW. The Training Co-ordinator can help you present the materials in training sessions or you can use the materials yourselves in your own areas. Here is a snapshot of the six packs:

Training Course for Elders to Administer the Sacraments

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The programme is suitable to be used with a group of elders which will take 4 months, meeting once or twice every month. The training co-ordinator will arrange a trainer in your area.

This course was reviewed and updated in 2016.

An elder must be approved by his/her presbytery as an appropriate person to administer the Sacraments before being accepted on the course.

After completing the course, which will include written work, the elder will be commissioned by the Presbytery as an appropriate person to administer the Communion and Baptism.

If there are elders in your presbytery who would like to be commissioned to administer the Sacrament( e.g in old people’s homes, with older members in their homes or in a service) contact the Training Co-ordinator.

Exploring the Faith

This academic course is suitable for lay preachers, or members who want to study the scriptures more academically. The material is used with a group of people who meet once or twice a month. It would take two years to finish the whole course, and written work needs to be produced.

This programme was reviewed in 2017.

If you are keen to provide this course in your area, or if there is an individual who would like to join a group in existence already, contact the Training Co-ordinator.

The Elders and Their Work

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Training Course and Handbook. Published 1998, reviewed 2014. Includes chapters on:

What is an Elder?
‘Elder Job Description”
Work and Mission
Elder’s Pastoral Care
Visiting the sick and bereaved
Bridges the Generation : Ministry with young people
The Elder and the Connexion
Meeting of Elders

Ministers can use this as a foundation for group work with elders, or the Training Co-ordinator can arrange an external person to hold the course within the Presbytery.

Training on other useful themes for elders are being produced, therefore contact us for more information.

The resource includes a DVD and a workbook.

The minister can use this as the foundation for group work with members and elders of the church, or the Training Co-ordinator can organise an outside person to arrange the course in the Presbytery.

‘Go in His Name’

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Coming Soon …


Leading Worship

Published 2010

It includes six sessions i.e:
Purpose of Worship
The Bible in Worship
Presentational Skills Workshop
Prayer in Worship
Music in Worship
Putting it all together

One person can use this as a foundation for work group with fellow members in the church or the Training Co-ordinator can arrange an external person to include the course in the area. Parts of the course can also be presented by means of specific sessions.

Role of Chapel Treasurer

Produced 2017

2-3 hour presentation, including power points with some activities and case studies.

This is suitable for new treasurers or those who are searching for clear and simple guidance as to the requirements of the post. These include:

  • The starting point
  • Treasurer’s Tasks
  • Investment and Bank Accounts
  • Budgets for the Year
  • “Connexional Contribution”
  • ‘Closing the Books”

The Training Co-ordinator can organize a suitable person to present the session in your presbytery or area. A written copy is available if you are a new treasurer and need guidelines for the work.

Course materials are available here: Treasurers Training (PDF) – contact the Training Co Ordinator for a PowerPoint version.