Work Experience

Perhaps you would like to have some experience with Christian work or maybe you are at a period of change in your life with an opportunity to do something different. PCW can also provide places on various schemes.

Mission Programme

Gap Year – A programme with the Children and Youth Service at Coleg y Bala

An opportunity to live and work alongside the staff of Coleg y Bala and the  Children and Youth Service for a year.
You will have an opportunity to develop your skills to work with children and young people within the church. You will take a full part in all the various activities of the Children and Young People at the College, receiving some formal training and being mentored and supported by the College staff.

The aims of the Gap Year are to:

  • Encourage personal and spiritual development
  • Aim towards developing an increasingly Christ like character
  • Assist each student to recognise his/her talents and potential
  • Develop leadership, communication and team building skills
  • Assist and enable every student to identify the contribution they can make to the church.

What will I be doing?

Students have opportunities to take part in the different activities that are part of the work of the Children and Youth Service at Coleg y Bala. This includes.:

  • Preparing and presenting Christianity in a relevant and contemporary way to children and youth on weekend, summer,and mid-week courses
  • Attend team meetings: take part in the centre’s daily service and lead those services occasionally.
  • Assist with the centre’s administrative work as the need arises.
  • Children and youth work
  • Souled Out regional groups
  • Services in schools
  • Local mission
  • Sunday schools
  • Morning services in primary and secondary schools
  • Christian unions

The student will have regular meetings with a permanent member of staff in order to monitor the diary and arrange a suitable work programme.

Do I receive a salary?

The Year Gap Scheme is a voluntary scheme but you will receive food and accommodation and a weekly allowance.

Who can apply?

The year is ideal for those who are leaving school or university and want some time to consider their plans to the future. It is also suitable for individuals who would benefit from a career break for the same purpose. The year is for individuals who want to deepen and develop their effectiveness in Christian service. There is no age limitation but priority is given to under 25’s. The ability to speak Welsh is very desirable


If you are interested in becoming a GAP YEAR student, contact Coleg y Bala Managers Sian and Owain Edwards 01678 520565/ for a chat. Then download the application form from the College website.

How and when to apply?

Applications are accepted through the year but applications are considered during Spring for the following Autumn. Usually, students will start the gap year after the summer.