Being in Karlsruhe at the World Council of Churches Assembly was a privilege and an experience which I shall never forget. About four thousand people from 352 Christian denominations from every part of the world. Not a single person like me – although there were about five of us welsh speakers there. I’m not sure how many countries I met representatives from – far too many to list!
My favourite spot was the Prayer Tent – with no walls! We sang and listened to prayers and readings in all languages and I realised that it isn’t all that important to understand every word all the time. The feeling of oneness and togetherness in the worship was very moving – why do we so often create unnecessary barriers and differences?
The main topic for discussion in my small group was Climate Change and we heard very clearly the voices and experiences of some of those who are living on the front line and facing the massive impacts – the poorest people, native peoples who live close to the earth and the forests but whose land and culture are under huge threat as large corporations and unpredictable weather patterns force them to migrate to towns and
We also gave a lot of attention to the war in Europe but it was impossible to forget that so many people were here from other countries torn apart by war and perhaps the balance of attention was rather too skewed towards Ukraine and Russia if we consider the wider context.
I could go on and on but there will be ample opportunity for that so a couple of prayer points for Teulu Trefeca
Please pray for all those who attended the Assembly – for their churches and local witness – but also for our witness together to Christ’s love which is moving the world towards reconciliation and unity – that unity which is a challenge – and a bond!
Pray for all those facing the effects of Climate change – remembering each opportunity you have every day to turn your shopping trips and choices to respond to that prayer!
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