We are half way through the Season of Creation which is being celebrated in churches across Britain and Ireland. It started with Climate Sunday on September 5th and I’m sure the theme resonated with us more than ever before -with so many stories about wild fires, floods, drought and hurricanes in the news.

This week the PCW are holding their General Assembly and amongst the most important matters will be the launch of our Denominational Appeal for Christian Aid’s work which will have a climate change focus and examples of their work in Kenya and Haiti. We will also, hopefully, be approving the new Environmental Policy which will then underpin and guide our decisions at every level of church life.

One of the Lectionary readings on Climate Sunday was the story about Jesus healing the deaf and mute man in Mark 7. – where he sighed and said to him – Eph-phatha – Be opened. For far too long we have closed our minds, our hearts, our eyes/ears and pockets to climate change and the call for us to live more gently on God’s earth. – a prayer from Christian Aid’s River of Prayer resource.

Prayer Points
Pray for unity between world leaders on the need to take action for climate justice.
Pray that hearts inclined to self-interest and indifference to the suffering of others will be transformed.
Pray for whatever transformation is needed in your heart as you respond to the climate crisis.
Our God, we pray for transformation of hearts and minds,
for the stones of indifference
to become hearts of compassion,
for the stones of anxiety
to become hearts of hope.
In your name we pray, Amen.