Prayer from Arthur Rowlands on behalf of The Healing Ministry Their conference is being held in Cefn Lea , Newtown, from 23- 26 May 2002 E mail for details-
“Silver and gold I have not; but what I have, that which I give thee; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise and walk. ” (Acts 3: 1-10)
Why attend the Ministry of Healing Summer School? This year more than ever we all need time to have an extended period in the company of like-minded Christians. ‘From great Jesus, give pure breath to weak frailty in the wilderness of land’ is the literal translation of a famous Welsh hymn and though the translation may be rough and inelegant it, I believe conveys, the authors intentions that is also our cry as we approach one another and approach Jesus – his mighty divinity and resurrection on the third day.
It’s time for us to come to the ‘Beautiful Gate’. Let us ask Jesus to lift us up – to raise up Christ’s church once again to glory. ‘It is on this rock that I will build my Church’ Jesus said of Simon Peter and this is our prayer today again as the Son of Man returns to re-establish his Church in dear Wales and take his place again on his throne and in our hearts . Come with us to Cefn Lea and lets ‘walk and jump and praise God’ together.
We pray:
Good Lord, we know that anything is possible for You and we know that when we ask anything in your name, that is also possible. We have lived through a strange and phenomenal period in human history and in the midst of a horrific period of war in Ukraine. We bring the people of Ukraine into your care Lord and seek your help in resolving this appalling situation.
The Covid era has left many scars on the Heavenly Father’s family and we pray you to extend your mighty arm to give succour. We know of the ‘healing ministry’ of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and ask you to use us to share your love and to ease the pain of our fellow members and your people wherever they are.
We ask You, as is your custom, to ‘move among us’ during our Summer School again this year. Everyone who is thirsty is invited to come to You. We extend the same invitation to anyone in need to come to us at Cefn Lea, we will be there and the Almighty as ever.
We ask all of this in the Name and merit of your one and only Son who gave his life for us.