Royal Welsh Show – Y Sioe Frenhinol Cymru

As you read this people from all over Wales, will be gathering in Builth Wells, for the Royal Welsh Show. Among them will be Rev Brian Reardon, one of the Show Chaplains. He says “We have the task of overseeing Christ’s message to the people during the four days of the Show. Bringing witness to the people has always been in my heart and such an opportunity exists when 250,00 people pass through those gate in late July. I am reminded about the task that awaited Titus on the island of Crete, and feel we can take courage in bringing God’s word to a great number of individuals in a short time”

Do re-read those 3 short chapters of the Book of Titus…

Brian adds “These chapters have so much to teach us about people’s attitude to religion and more importantly what the Love of God really means. What did Paul expect Titus to do, and would he be up for the challenge? We look to his words to encourage us as we go about the duties during the show…

1) To call the people together and inform them of the work and encourage some deep conversation about Christ, faith experience and concerns
2) Evaluate the characteristics of the people we talk with.. get to know a little of their expectations and how Jesus Christ will make the difference in their lives. Tell them how he has changed your life.
3) Help to oversee the people , leaving them with encouragement. Make your contact with them something that they will remember about the Show.
So please
– Pray for Show Organisers, and all those responsible for the health and safety of people , particularly in the expected heat.
– Pray for the whole farming community, and those who work in it. Pray for the wider rural economy of Wales, for the financial and environmental challenges it faces.
– Pray particularly for the many young people who camp out there for the whole week.
– Pray for stallholders and businesses from across Britain, who depend on such events to showcase their products, and make their livelihood.
– But please pray mostly for the whole Chaplaincy team, in its vital work of witness.
And If you are there look out for Brian and others in their distinct orange uniform.. and say ‘Hello!’