Let the church continue to pray for individuals who have not returned to our open church buildings for worship. This is often because of age or disability, yet we continue to ask God’s blessing on all those who are still fearful of the Covid pandemic. As our confidence rises as the restrictions are eased, may we find a sustainable faith that encourages us again into a deep fellowship.

See how God receives you, read Acts Chapter 10 verses 39 -48 and read the words of Peter’s great discourse to Cornelius as he continued to preach salvation in Jesus Christ. These words are there for us to take comfort in, be assured of God’s love for us and to know the Lord Jesus better as we recover from the days of lockdown. 

A Prayer

Spirit of God, that is a rushing wind.

Let us feel the wind of hope in our faces.

Encourage us to be bold that we reach out to embrace you.

Let that wind rush to ensure us, uphold us and deliver us.

Spirit of God in ever changing form, may we see visions of your love.

Let us follow You with a deeper faith in truth and direct us in our praying.

Let your Spirit blow where it will and make us one in sharing the Good News of Jesus with others.

We thank you for Trefeca, its history, make it a place where pilgrims go.

Make it a place where your word is shared in its quiet location beneath mountain, near lake and green countryside.

Grant us your peace.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord