The schools are re-opening, and the college term begins. The summer holidays are behind us – it’s time to tackle new things, and to organise the work for the term.

Our Heavenly Father, we pray especially this month for the planning and co-operation for the use of the Trefeca building from now until the end of the year. We are walking a new path, adapting to the world with Covid. We ask for your wisdom, your vision, your enthusiasm – Creator God who gives us new life every day. We sing a new song to you as the Psalmist; we look forward to doing new things in our churches, in children and family activities, and in the use of Trefeca.

We pray for the PCW students – those studying to enter the ministry (Nerys, Rebecca and Corey), and for our other students following courses at the Baptist College in Cardiff and over the internet.

We pray for those who have been following a course on Preaching and Leading Worship, and for elders who have recently taken the Sacraments Course.

We thank you for all of these people, and for the desire in their hearts to help and nurture faith among PCW members. Bless them in their studies and give them a clear mind as they consider their part in the future of the church and your Kingdom.