Some of the best prayers are “Arrow Prayers” – swiftly sent on their way to God through a busy day. There are only 70 words in the Lord’s Prayer (that’s in English…I leave you to count in Welsh!) … yet surely it says it all.

Two things have made me look at it again recently. 

  • The Women’s Department is currently running a Bible study on the Lord’s Prayer on Zoom. In the first session I particularly liked Sarah Morris’ illustration that when the children were small and asked her something they didn’t know, or needed help with, she’d say to them ‘Just ask Dad’! Prayer is us as God’s children doing just that.
  • Over Christmas I read “A Comedians Prayer Book” by Frank Skinner – his honesty in talking to God, but also his perceptive insights surprised me On the Lord’s Prayer he says “Our Father”.. is a great opener, and wonders how many drafts Jesus wrote in the dust first. But he adds the decision to use “our” rather than “my” was a key moment. Once you say “our” Father you make everyone your brother or sister”

So this week may I suggest you simply say the Lord’s Prayer several times, and in your mind stand in a different place each time you say it…

…. stand in Ukraine this week  and say it

… stand beside a hungry child in Afghanistan and say it

… stand beside someone who makes life difficult for you by their words or actions and say it

…. stand beside those who seem to have power in the world and say it

… and may I ask you to stand beside our workers in Trefeca and Bala facing an uncertain future … and say it,

And be sure “Our Father” will hear.