When our chapel buildings were forced to close during the pandemic, like many others, the PCW’s London congregations met and worshiped over Zoom. There are disadvantages, of course, in a virtual meeting, but one of the huge advantages was that geography was no longer an obstacle to worshiping together. Old friends from New York, Canada, Cardiff and Tregaron regularly joined us. London congregations have a strong connection to Tregaron, with many from the area, and still have family there. Members of Caron’s pastorate took part in our services. They also joined us for our Social meetings, and we joined them for ‘The Gang’ social events. When the Eisteddfod was finally held in Tregaron after a wait of 2 years, it only seemed appropriate for us to have a face-to-face reunion with our fellow worshippers. On Thursday afternoon, we met in the Churches Together tent, and enjoyed fellowship there before going together to Soar y Mynydd for a Communion service under the direction of the two Ministers, the Revd Richard Brunt and the Revd Carwyn Arthur, with members of both pastorates taking part.
Father God, we thank you for every opportunity to come together in fellowship with our fellow Christians to worship your Holy Name. We pray for our brothers and sisters worldwide, for no matter the geography and differences in culture, we have You in common. You sent Your one and only Son to live amongst us, to be sacrificed so that we can enjoy the eternal life that you have prepared for us. You sent him for each and every one of us without fear or favour and we thank you that we are part of your church family. A family that is bigger than any building, bigger than any race or country, and despite all our differences, one that has you as the Head.