Some thoughts on Psalm 20

I opened my Bible a few days ago and my eyes fell on Psalm 20. What an appropriate psalm when thinking about the happenings within this world at the moment. It’s a psalm written for the king just before he goes out to battle: it is a psalm for us as we watch and wait as war rages in the Ukraine. A psalm from us as we pray for the Ukraine – and other countries in the throes of violence and terrorism. Please read the psalm and prayerfully meditate upon it as you, perhaps, play some gentle music or sit quietly within the presence of the Lord.

The psalm, I feel, is also prophetic of the king to come for did not Jesus go through distress before entering into victory? And did not the Lord save his anointed?

For those of faith this psalm also one of encouragement and I think again of the strong faith of the people of Ukraine as I quote from the psalm “Some trust in chariots and some in  horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God”.

Father God, there are occasions when we do not know what to pray for or how to pray. There are occasions when we can only come before you and allow our thoughts to be our prayers. Thoughts for the people of the Ukraine and thoughts for the people of Russia. For parents and children caught up in a war not of their making. For aid agencies and individuals showing sacrificial love. Our hearts ache for them and we know that your heart aches also as you watch the depths to which the human race fall. Enclose them in your love, Father, be beside them in their distress.

Yet there is thanksgiving within this dire situation, Father, as we see the hands of friendship extended to those in need; as we see total strangers welcoming refugees in to their home and into their lives; as we see the out-pouring of concern from the ordinary person in the street and the coming together of nations in their condemnation of evil. Thank you when we can see that we are made in your image and we can be channels of your love and compassion.

May the wind of your Spirit blow across the world and heal the nations.

May the wind of your Spirit blow through our lives and change us for the good.

May the wind of your Spirit touch hard hearts and stubborn minds.

May the wind of your Spirit bring the touch of our Saviour and remind us of his loving sacrifice and the victory of love over evil, light over darkness.

May the blessing of Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with us all.  AMEN