Last week, my sister, Eryl, had an operation on her right eye to remove a cataract. This will enable her to see more clearly and to read once again, a real miracle.
There are four accounts in the Gospels of Jesus restoring their sight to those who were blind and the one in Mark 10:46-52 is one of both comfort and challenge.
When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was passing by he reacted immediately and was determined to get his attention despite others trying to prevent and silence him. Amidst the loud hustle and bustle Jesus heard the genuine cry of someone in real need as he always does, stopped on his journey and called Bartimaeus forward.
Jesus then asks a strange question to a blind man, ‘What do you want me to do for you’ and the answer comes, ‘Teacher, I want to see again.’ This was his greatest need and Jesus healed him. Sometimes what I really need is not that which seems obvious but is something much deeper which only Jesus can deal with and heal.
The Commonwealth Games are on. I know of a young man who took part in a race but not with the intention of racing for the finishing line. He was tied by the wrist to another young man who was blind and he guided him as he ran at his own pace. He made it possible for his friend to take part by being at his side.
On our journey through life we thank God for Jesus Christ who is alive today among us in Spirit, accepts us as we are, loves us and forgives us and is at our side as he has promised.
We pray through God’s grace that we will be able to ‘run our race, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus because our faith, from beginning to the end depends on him.’