Lord God, we thank you for the privilege of kneeling before you in prayer during Holy Week. Turn our thoughts to the cross of Jesus your son, and help us to follow him along the lonely road of his suffering. As we look to the cross, may we see your light breaking through the darkness, and realise the vastness of the sacrifice of love on Calvary.
In the darkness of our times, give us grace to remember before you all those who suffer in our world – the weak and those in pain, the defenceless and the persecuted, and those whose lives are shattered by war. Give the light of your love in the heart of their darkness, and bless every effort made to relieve pain and suffering. May we be open and welcoming to everyone in need, and not disregard those who are different.
May we remember that the sacrifice of the crucified Christ is a sacrifice for the whole world, not seeking to keep its message to ourselves, but to proclaim it in our lives, in our words and deeds, trusting in his love and guidance.
As we look forward to Easter, let us see a new light in our own lives – the light of hope and love, the light of faith and action, the light of him who is the miracle of resurrection.
Lead us, Lord, in your ways, and make us fit to serve you in love.
In the name of Christ your Son