Christian Aid Appeal

Christian Aid Appeal, Typhoon of Love

Our Christian Aid Appeal, Typhoon of Love, was launched during the General Assembly at Llandudno in 2016. The partnership between the Presbyterian Church of Wales and Christian Aid goes back many years and we have had several successful appeals during that time – success that has ensured some of the poorest people in the world have been helped.

In 2017 the Philippines will be our focus. Though the country has developed significantly since it gained its independence in 1945, acute poverty is still present – especially in the rural areas and the city slums. It is also a country that suffers greatly from typhoons – a problem exacerbated by climate change. Who could forget the awful devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013?

Christian Aid does much of its work through local partners – organisations who are embedded among the very people who need our help most. The appeal pack will focus on the work of three of these partners in the Philippines – UPA, FORGE and RWAN. In the factsheets that form part of this pack, you will read about the work done by these organisations and some of the people who benefit from it.

In addition to the factsheets there is also a poster, a prayer card, children’s resources, a Gift Aid form and a leaflet explaining the process that should be followed to transfer the money collected. Please remember also that Cheryl Williams, Bethan Davies and Anna Jane Evans have visited the Philippines on our behalf and are available to visit your church to share their experiences. Please contact Anna Jane in the Bangor Christian Aid Office to arrange. Telephone no – 01248 353574.

Please feel free to photocopy the Gift Aid form locally so that you have enough of them available for those who are UK taxpayers, or alternatively you may contact the Presbyterian Church of Wales central office in Cardiff for more copies. The office is also willing to supply you with sticky labels that have the appeal logo (to affix on envelopes, for example) on request. In addition to the pack, there will be a PowerPoint presentation and a short film available on both the PCW and Christian Aid websites.

Our partnership as the Presbyterian Church of Wales and Christian Aid is one of those crucial partnerships and we look forward once again to a year of cooperation as we fulfil the Gospel call of bringing good news to the poor.


Appeal Resources:

*NEW* An Advent Prayer – Typhoon of Love resource for Advent.  It can be used however is possible, using all possible means of communication.

A Bible Study for Older Youth
Youth Session
Fundraising Meal and Family Service
Children’s Session

Outline of the Financial Procedure – for the local Churches and Presbyteries
Gift Aid Forms

Carlos’ Chicken Adobo Recipe

Susana’s Sinigang Na Hipon Recipe

Prayer Card (bilingual)
Poster (bilingual)


Fact Sheet 1 – an introduction
Fact Sheet 2 – Upper Laguerta
Fact Sheet 3 – Rice Watch and Action Network
Fact Sheet 4 – Typhoon Haiyan

Power Point Presentations:

Please note, these Presentations are on PDF format. If you require a Power Point format with the text, please contact Alice at the office in Cardiff.

Christian Jay Batousa – This presentation will lead us to the community of Mantuyong on the island of Cebu and will give us a glimpse of the life of Christian Jay Batousa, a 13 old boy who lives there.

PCW Philippine Appel – This presentation is based on the projects which were visited in June 2016 by Bethan Davies, Cheryl Williams and Anna Jane Evans. The presentation will take you to three of the islands – FORGE projects on Cebu, RWAN’s work on Legaspi and UPA in Manila,  We suggest that you break it up to three or more different presentations which can be used at different events during the year.  It is probably too long to be used as a one off!


A short video has been prepared about Christian Aid partners’ work based on the stories gathered by the team which visited the country in 2016.