The General Assembly

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the annual meeting of the three Associations of the Presbyterian Church of Wales highest court of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. (The Association in the North, The Association in the South, the Association in the East).

It meets over three days in various locations across Wales. The General Assembly is attended by around 150 representatives from the fourteen presbyteries, the Association in the three Provinces and the Church’s three boards. Guests from several other Welsh, British and overseas churches are also invited.


The General Assembly includes daily worship, lectures and business sessions, during which the representatives discuss and vote on key matters affecting the Church. The Presbyterian Church of Wales' Annual General Meeting is also held during the General Assembly.

The General Assembly is presided over by the Moderator. On the second evening of the General Assembly, the Moderator gives his or her valedictory address and the Moderator Elect then assumes the chair.

2020 General Assembly

This year’s General Assembly will be held in Caernarfon between July 6th -8th 2020.

Useful Resources for the General Assembly, 2020:

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2019 General Assembly

Last year's General Assembly was held in Wrexham between July 8th-10th 2019.

2018 General Assembly

The 2018 General Assembly was held in Wrexham between July 9th-11th 2018.

2017 General Assembly

The 2017 General Assembly was held in South Wales on the Cyncoed campus of Cardiff Metropolitan University, between July 3rd -5th 2017.

For Photos of the three days please follow this link

2016 General Assembly

The 2016 Assembly was held in Eglwys Unedig Seilo, Llandudno between July the 11th and 13th.
For Photos of the three days please follow this link