We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that donated and contributed towards the Christian Aid Appeal. Together, we have raised a total of £150,000 towards the Honduras and Kenya appeal.

As a result of this, we have helped the people of Honduras and Kenya by making a difference in their lives and for their future. Coronavirus, dirty water, food and offences has resulted in a lot of pressure within their communities. Your contribution will help the people of Honduras and Kenya to gain a better future. Congratulations and a big thank you to every one of you for your effort to raise this money.

“My understanding of climate change, started with this project. We have native trees here, sown by my own hands. In a few years, these trees will start protecting the farm. I will remain sowing these trees, and at the end of my life, I will pass down a better land for my children” – Julio


Our partners CASM and OCDIH have been co-operating and working alongside farmers across Honduras to help and overcome many challenges. One solution to overcome an issue was to pursue beekeeping. Despite beekeeping is usually a responsibility for the men of Honduras, Maria and Juanita decided to take part and to join the project by beekeeping. This has inspired and encouraged other women to follow.

“We have a machismo culture here. It’s a challenge to change that way of thinking. Women are very impacted by this machismo culture, and also particularly impacted by climate change” – CASM

“We help them improve ways of farming, to cope with climate change. We bring farmers in, to be part of the solution. We respect what each farmer considers important to them” – Carlos (CASM)

The aim and main focus of the appeal was supporting the long term affect of climagte change and in particular, the challenges the country faces such as dirty water, food, floods etc.


It was so clear what a close, respectful and sensitive partnership there is between Christian Aid Honduras, CASM/OCDIH and those we work with and support.

As you know, every five years, EBC has an Appeal in partnership with Christian Aid. This year, the ‘Seeds of Hope’ Appeal has raised money for the issue of Climate Change in Kenya and Honduras.

The appeal is very timely. It came on the back of a difficult year for us here, but for our neighbours in the world’s poorest countries, it has been an even more challenging year.

As part of this Appeal, Evan as Moderator, has raised money by walking 70km. He was successful in hitting his target of visiting each of our 14 Presbyteries and walking 5km in each Presbytery, making a total of 70km.

As well as hoping to raise some money towards the Appeal, he managed to raise awareness of the Appeal across the Union and meet members of the denomination. Many members joined Evan as they managed to walk 5km with him!

We wish your congregations every blessing. Congratulations and thank you to Evan and everyone who has donated joined him on this journey! We look forward to showing you the affect your contributions and donations are having on Honduras and Kenya.