Bring the crisis in Manipur to an end

Church leader calls on Welsh government to intervene 

The Presbyterian Church of Wales (PCW) is calling on the Welsh and UK governments to speak up over the persecution of Christians and other minorities in the north east Indian state of Manipur.

There are long standing historical and cultural links between the PCW and the Presbyterian Church of India.

Extreme violence broke out on 3 May 2023 during a tribal dispute between the Meiteis and Kuki-Zomi tribes. This resulted in the death of 70 Christians and the destruction of hundreds of churches and other Christian buildings. Since then, the number of recorded killings has risen to 120. In addition, 197 villages, 349 churches and 7,526 homes have been burnt to ashes and more than 41,425 people have been displaced.

Three hundred and fifty relief camps have been set up to accommodate the displaced people.

There is an urgent need for temporary sheltered accommodation. The Presbyterian Church of India estimates that 450 shelters are needed immediately to house  displaced people. It has committed itself to supporting this need, but its own financial resources are limited and is now calling on Christians in Wales to support their fellow believers in Manipur.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has remained largely silent during these outrages, only breaking his silence after watching video footage of a mob sexually assaulting two women from the Kuki minority. They were stripped naked and left in a field, one of them gangraped and left the field. Prime Minister Modi is under intense pressure from opposition groups and the Supreme Court to intervene.Many commentators in India believe that his ‘Hindutva’ policy is making daily life for minority groups, including Christians, highly dangerous.

Rev. Nan Powell Davies, General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales said‘India is widely regarded as a nation which promotes democracy, tolerance and the rule of law. The brutal treatment of Christians in Manipur and other parts of India, is alarming. We call upon the governments in Cardiff and Westminster to use their international influence and urge Prime Minister Modi to bring this crisis to an end’.


Media information: Gethin Russell-Jones, Press Officer Presbyterian Church of Wales, 07378 309268