For months now, our brothers and sisters in Christ in Manipur are being persecuted. According to Open Doors, hundreds of churches and thousands of Christian homes have been destroyed. By now tens of thousands of people have had to flee their homes, many to Mizoram

In response, we have launched a prayer appeal, and we will meet every Friday morning at 9.15 via Zoom. A warm welcome to everyone to join.

Meeting ID: 883 2481 0475

A prayer by our Moderator, Reverend Aneurin Owen.

We pray for Manipur

Lord, hear our prayer on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Manipur.

You opened up the way in times gone by for the missionaries from Wales to proclaim the gospel of reconciliation in Manipur, we ask you to open the paths of prayer and support now for us again in Wales as we realise the extent of the devastation there and the severity of the situation today in Manipur.

You, Lord of all the nations of the world, bring your peace to the hearts of all that insist on violence and protect the weak and powerless.

You, Lord of each tribe and language, bring your reconciliation to those communities where there is burning and killing.

You, Lord of the broken hearted and the lowly, come down by the power of your Spirit upon those living in fear, the homeless and the bereaved.

O Lord our God, strengthen us according to your word, and open our hearts to pray for all those who find themselves on either side of this conflict so that they may receive your strength to lay down their arms and to accept the power of your gracious forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, protect your church – those who have been brought close through your blood. Uphold our brothers and sisters close in your own heart and in ours and may your peace reign.

For your name’s sake,


On the 6th of October, we received a letter from the Presbyterian Church of India about the situation of our brothers and sisters in Manipur.


 To the Presbyterian Church of Wales

 Subject:          Prayer appeal to PCW for Manipur crisis

 Very warm greetings from thew Presbyterian Church of India General Assembly Office.

I feel hesitant but at the same time compelled to share about the situation in Manipur with an appeal for help from the PCW.

The Situation of Manipur has been devastating since May 3, 2023 due to the conflict between Meiteis who are predominantly Hindus and Kuki-Zomi Christians. The attack on villages and burning of churches, homes and looting of properties force many people to take refuge in Relief camps and to solely relying on donations and help from Churches, NGOs and individuals. It has been recorded that 197 villages, 349 churches and 7,526 homes have been burnt to ashes and more than 41,425 people have been displaced and 350 relief camps have been set up to accommodate the displaced people. There are many of them who moved out of Manipur to Mizoram or other Indian states. Churches, NGOs and individuals in Mizoram are helping the displaced people both inside and outside of Manipur. Since there are many families who lost their homes and all their properties, now taking shelter in Relief camps, it is the commitment of the churches to help them get proper shelter as soon as possible as winter is approaching and relief camps are not suitable for winter stay.

So far PCI has been doing its level best to help the churches in Manipur. We have sent Rs 22,00,000 to Manipur from PCI General Assembly. Mizoram Synod have sent almost Rs 1,00,00,000 for the construction of Shelters and for relief. Individual churches have been sending help for relief. We have been raising funds within PCI but the demand is so big while our capacity is limited. However, the fund raising will continue and we send whatever we receive to churches in Manipur.

This is my humble and sincere appeal to the PCW for help as our capacity is limited to meet the demands of the situation. So there is a crucial need for the construction of houses to accommodate families and if needs be acquire land for the construction. As of now primary focus must be given to attend the needs of the Synods under the PCI. The initial need of different Synods to construct shelters are as under.

  1. Manipur Synod 150
  2. Zou Synod 50
  3. Tangphai Provisional Synod 250

As for Tangphai Provisional Synod, Mizoram Synod has been helping them and so far 60 houses have been completed.  The construction of the remaining 190 more houses is still under process. I hope Mizoram Synod will continue to commit to continue the project. Manipur Synod and Zou Synod are not in a capacity to start the construction by themselves. The cost of construction for each house is estimated as Rs 2,00,000 inclusive of immediate needs for the family. So there is an immediate need of Rs 4,00,00,000 for the construction of 200 houses.

I would like to sincerely request PCW to stand with us as we are going through critical time and pray for the churches in Manipur.

  1. Please pray for the victims of the crisis
  2. For the initiation of peace process and
  3. For the strengthening power of the Holy Spirit so that the people of Manipur will not lose hope and rather stand stronger in faith, integrity and unity.
  4. May the church stand tall in the midst of adversities and crucial challenges that even others may see the power of God and encounter personally with Christ.
  5. Let the people of Manipur have a testimony to share the love of God through the generous help and contributions of the churches.

Grace and Peace.

Presbyterian Church of India.