On the 2nd of February, 2024, in the old prison in Blaenau Ffestiniog, this is the song and prayer that arose in day of prayer 100 for Wales – a collection of friends in the gospel who want to see 100 new healthy churches planted in Wales in the next 10 years. God was close as he was in the case of Paul and Silas in prison in Acts – but no earthquake followed. Instead, his presence fell in a silent force and moved the hearts of those in the CellB theatre room – the old prison which is now a cinema, a creative centre, a youth center and much more! The Lord’s prayer guided this special day of prayer and praise. It started at midday and there were six hours of continuous prayer and praise as different leaders guided us through the prayer that Jesus taught his followers so that they could share in it. And many then joined us in the evening prayer celebration.

 Cell B, the old police station in Blaenau where ‘Craig Blaenau’ currently meets.

As the Craig Blaenau team, seeing the large numbers of followers of Jesus (nearly 200 during the day and evening) who made the great effort to travel throughout Wales (and further!) in order to stand with us was a huge encouragement. We asked God to have mercy on us, to see a revival, and for his kingdom to come down here as it is in heaven, and therefore in Blaenau Ffestiniog and the area also. We called out for God’s name to be sanctified where it is not currently. We asked him to give us our daily bread, to equip and strengthen us for the work. And there was a period of confessing our sin to God as individuals and as a church so that he could forgive us, heal our country and bless it again.

By the evening prayer celebration at 7.30 that was held in the theatre room, it was packed as people flocked to join in the song of praise, hear about the new things that God is doing all over north Wales and grasp in prayer for the entire region. The evening began with thrilling praise; it was a wonderful thing to hear 125 voices as one in praise. Owen Cottom (leader of Grace Church, Cardiff, and one of the team leading 100.Cymru) laid the foundations for the evening by reminding us that Jesus has not forgotten north Wales, that he sees the area, and that his heart is unable not to go out to those who are lost, and that the same heart needs to guide us in our prayers and actions.


We heard about work in four different areas, starting in Anglesey, with Rachel Radbourne sharing about Capel Goleudy, a new bilingual church that meets in Llangefni and sees a tremendous blessing by serving the island. Next were Arawn and Anest Glyn from Capel Ebeneser, y Ffôr, who drew our attention to the whole of Pen Llŷn and the spiritual and social need that exists there, and that we should ask God to guide them and others to discern the way forward to see Llŷn once again being transformed by Christ. Dr Rhodri Glyn shared a history lesson of how God moved in Anglesey to fuel our prayers. Dr Andras Iago, minister of Vale of Denbigh, then shared about ‘Gwreiddiau’, a new community of people who come together to worship, to share life and serve the town, before closing with Andy Hughes from Emaus, Bala, who talked about the new ways they used to step out to reach others and be a blessing in the Penllyn area! It was good to hear about the large number of young people attending and leading there, and that they are now too numerous for their current meeting place! The evening ended as it began: with praise to the Lord. Hearing a theatre, which has hosted several gigs over the years, for the first time perhaps (but not the last time, we pray) overflowing with praise, gave us such a thrill.







(I)Rachel Radbourne who shared about Capel Goleudy, Llangefni. (II)Arawn Glyn.

This is just a taste of the day: God did SO much more. But this is the vision and deep desire of the collection of friends ‘100 for Wales’. Before God moves in the country he raises a prayer in the church! To see 100 new churches and a transformed Wales, you have to start with praying – the aim is to ignite 100 hours a day. If you are able to give just 15 minutes of prayer a week to plant churches and see a revival in Wales again, register by going to the 100.Cymru website and also register to receive the monthly prayer letter and information about upcoming events: More prayer days like this will be organised, and one thing is for certain that we will make every effort to be there because it is difficult to put into words how much encouragement it was to see the numbers sharing in our heart and our burden for this special town.

May the beautiful dawn spread once more as the whole of Wales is lit by the holy gospel…

Joseff Rhys Edwards

Blaenau Ffestiniog




Lydia and Jos Edwards and their children.



1) Give thanks to God for our children’s and youth clubs. There are now over 100 children and young people from the Vale coming to the rugby club for a night of fun, food and games. Pray that all the children and young people will feel safe there and see their true value in God’s eyes.

2) Give thanks for the faithful group who are part of the Alpha course for youth at the school every Monday afternoon – pray that we will see fruit after all the recent conversations about faith and life with them.

3) Give thanks to God for Craig Bach. A new playgroup for parents/guardians and their children. The response from the community has been amazing as 40 parents/guardians attend regularly and even more children!! Pray for the connections and relationships that deepen, pray that Craig Bach will be a place of blessing and rest for the parents of the town and for God’s presence to fill the sports hall where we meet.

4) Pray for the team as they discern if God is opening a door for a more permanent home for Craig in the middle of town.

We ask you to join in our prayer: ‘As in heaven, so in Blaenau, Ffestiniog Vale, the North and the Earth too!’