Policy and procedures

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Handbook  forms the safeguarding policy and procedures for the Presbyterian Church of Wales. It includes good practice guidelines on working with children and vulnerable adults and outlines what to do if you have a concern about an individual or situation.

To view or download a copy of the complete Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Handbook 2022 ( including updated sections 1 and 2 and new appendices)  please click the picture or this link or go directly to  the individual sections. Using the links below

Section 1  :including Our statement of Intent  and the Individual church policy statement 

Section 2  :Safer recruitment and selection procedures (including DBS check information and flowcharts)

Section 3 :Working with Children and Young People and how to respond to concerns 

Section 4: Working with Vulnerable Adults and how to respond to concerns  

Section 5 Pastoral Care 

Section 6 : Appendices:   including new appendices 1,  2a7, 8, 9, 10 

Section 7 : There are forms  that will help you to put the policies into practice and a new GDPR info sheet