Responding to our moderators latest message Rev Tim Hodgins has done a little reimagining…

As you probably understand, in being a Christian, it changes our lives and moves our hearts to sing, both indoors and outdoors. We are grateful for this new freedom, which God gave in love – by grace through faith in Christ Jesus our Lord; and emphasise again our responsibility to do what we can to protect others from the spread of sin which leads to death. 

Furthermore, as the Bible guidelines are ideal for Christian practice in areas where the sinful presence rate in the community is prominent, you should consider extending your freedom in Christ in larger ways to spread the gospel in your area. You can find the current levels of depravity in the population by visiting the Public Houses and Town Centre backstreets throughout Wales. By clicking on ‘the internet’ and then selecting ‘Active Churches’ you can see what others are doing to help spread the Gospel in our communities. We are aware that this means adapting to changing circumstances, but also being aware of our responsibilities to others, and adhering to the Great Commission.

I write this tongue in cheek and I recognise the need to respond appropriately and cautiously to the changing situation. However when I read the latest guidance from the denomination I feel there’s a lack of heavenly perspective.

As Christians we are people of hope. I’d love to see more encouragement, even confidence, as we guide one another out of the pandemic. 

Timothy Hodgins is establishing a mission in Sandfields, Port Talbot. He likes snooker, Afan Lido FC, charcuterie and cheese.