‘Justice is at the heart of the Gospel, and climate justice is also about social justice in our world. We recognize that the deepest impacts of climate change are affecting the world’s poorest countries and communities. By standing up to the injustice of climate, and taking responsibility for ourselves, we as a Church, and as a whole creation, praise and glorify God our creator.’

This is an extract from our environmental policy as a Connexion. It is no coincidence that as a Church in the Assembly this year we launched our Christian Aid Appeal for 2022 for the first time, on the theme of ‘Climate Justice.’ We will be looking at examples of the impact of climate change from Kenya at the beginning of the year and then Haiti by September.

When the new Christian Aid strategy was launched in Cardiff in April 2019 emphasis was placed on 3 goals 1. Give 2. Act and 3. Pray. Our financial goal will be £250,000 for the appeal next year. Responding by implementing our environmental policy as a whole Connexion, Presbytery, Churches and as individuals. We will also be sharing worship material, encourage you to pray and we hope to have an opportunity to look at the Bible with other communities and Churches in the world under Christian Aid’s ‘Just Scripture’ scheme.

We are looking forward to the year of our Appeal and wish everyone well in the preparation. In preparation therefore let us pray with the Psalmist. (This is a prayer I prepared for the book ‘Rage and Hope, 75 prayers for a better world’ to celebrate Christian Aid’s 75th Birthday this year).

Remember – bearing witness to the injustice that causes our rage and lament, based on Psalm 6

We pray

Lord, for how long?

Be kind to me, I’m weak and helpless. I know I am greedy and think I deserve a nice life. But Lord I am so weak, and my head is turning like a fairground attraction when thinking about my responsibility toward others.

Lord, for how long?

Will poverty be a scandal in our world, and an insult to us all. The facts make me tremble to the bone. But the experience of those living in poverty makes me scared for my life. I’m so sorry that so many are at the end of our world list of priorities, and helpless in their decisions about their future.

Lord, for how long?

Will women and men, the elderly and children, families and communities be displaced. They flee, forced to face alien circumstances in order to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Lord, for how long?

Will being a girl  make someone more likely to live in extreme poverty. My bed is wet with tears every night. I’m so angry, no one listens to me or understands how frustrated I am.

Yes Lord, I am tired and my eyes have become weak by tiredness, I have fought because of all the enemies of justice.

But Lord you have heard me crying and pleading for help, you have forgiven me of my greed and my self righteous attitude. You have also driven the proud ones to flight. Hallelujah! You have also taken authority from unjust rulers and honored those who are considered in an unjust world as ‘no one’.

Lord, you are so gracious. I want to be gracious too. Thanks for listening to me pleading for help.

I come humbly before you, leaning on your steadfast love, asking you to answer my prayer, in the name of the one who fully showed us your mercy towards us. In the name of Jesus